You’ll feel welcomed.

No matter who you are—liberal or conservative or in between, high church or low church in between, lifelong church goer or just looking, any gender, any sexual orientation or no sexual orientation, —you’ll be able to find a home with us and feel that you belong. Our mission statement is “Love God. Serve Others. Welcome All.” And when we say “all” we mean “all”.

You’ll make friends.

In a community as open as ours, it’s easy to make friends—and often, it will be friends who will last your whole college career, if not longer. Relationships and community are important in college—you’ll find them with us.

You’ll get to explore faith.

What’s the point of belonging to a campus ministry if they’re not going to let you think? Feel free to explore your faith and ask the tough questions. We won’t insult your intelligence by giving you easy answers.

You’ll have fun.

There’s a ton of fun things to do. Whether it’s our s’mores during welcome week, or our retreat and fall outings, , or our Monthly Movie night, or our cookouts, or our Murder Mystery or Christmas party, or dozens of other opportunities for fellowship and fun—you’ll have a good time.

You’ll get to live out what you believe.

We are a community that believes strongly in an active faith. There are plenty of service and social justice opportunities, We try to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

You can be yourself.

College is a time of exploring identity and sometimes finding new identity. We want you to bring your whole, authentic self and to be the real you, without pretense or judgement. We aren't here to change you, just walk beside you as you dive deeper into who you really are.

You’ll have a place to turn for help.

College can get stressful at times. And sometimes, your roommate’s just a jerk. When you need to talk, our chaplain is here for you. He usually works late, and he’s reachable by phone and online, so you can get some help or just vent when you need to.

We’re on your schedule.

Sunday Night Church is at 5 p.m.—no need to wake up early—and you don't even need to leave campus because we are right here in Kay.